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Welcome to Flexi-SchoolDyslexia's website. We hope that all your questions regarding ethos, services & provision offered are answered here, but if not, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a more in-depth conversation. We are always happy to talk about our favourite topic!

If you wish to request a call back or request a copy of our brochure, then please click one of the links below:- 

Flexi-SchoolDyslexia is a unique provision offering 8-16 year olds, struggling with dyslexia & related issues, the opportunity to access specialist, multi-sensory teaching in small groups of six (1:3 teacher ratio) during the school day. Pupils attend FSD on a part-time basis registered as 'educated offsite' (Code B) so they keep their place at their mainstream school in order to enjoy a full curriculum. 
Here's how it started...

We are on Kent County Council's Local Offer.

We are delighted to announce that KCC have added Flexi-SchoolDyslexia to the Local Offer website.This means that our provision can be easily found by those who need us .

Follow the link below for further details... 

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FSD's Patron
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We are so happy that, after a very successful visit to FSD in October 2017, Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway agreed to become our Patron in support of the unique approach our provision provides children with dyslexia, particularly in the area of working memory.


We are truly honoured that this world renowned psychologist supports our work, and know that this will only help us achieve more for children struggling with specific learning difficulties in the future.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss how we
may be able to support you and your child please call us
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