To attend Flexi-SchoolDyslexia, a full screening/assessment may not be required

Action 4 Dyslexia

We understand that it is extremely difficult to navigate the educational system regarding the best learning journey for a child with SpLD Dyslexia so we wish to provide parents with the tools & information to enable them to get the best educational provision for their children.  That is why we work in partnership with 'Action4Dyslexia' to provide such support during this difficult time.  Staff will listen to your story and advise you on the best course of action, whether or not this includes FSD.


We believe that SEN assessments/provision should not be dependent upon parent's financial resources, however we also appreciate that costs can vary considerably for full diagnostic assessments.  Over the years we have worked with many parents and used 'Action4Dyslexia' to advise them about the most appropriate ways forward.

Contact Lucy or Matt at Action 4 Dyslexia at lucy@algarsacademy.co.uk

We are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with Shobha Coutinho, Director of 'Dyslexia Unlocked'.  Shobha has a wealth of experience within the field of Dyslexia, most recently with 'Dyslexia Action' in Tonbridge, and we have been working very closely with her over the past 5 years. Shobha has agreed to provide her skills and expertise to our team, supporting our quality assurance.    We are also able to refer children directly to Shobha for an independent full Diagnostic Assessment at a discounted cost. 


Contact Lucy or Matt at Action 4 Dyslexia at lucy@algarsacademy.co.uk for further information or a advice on referrals for assessment.

Screening & Assessment