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About FSD - Flexi-SchoolDyslexia

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Here at FSD we believe that it is essential to deal with the approach to learning as well as filling the gaps in learning for each and every individual. 

We believe that it is simply pointless to try to fill a bucket with a hole in it!!

FSD - Flexi-School Dyslexia is a labour of love.  The founder, Narinda Algar discovered that her daughter, Lucia, had difficulties learning in the conventional way 12 years ago. 

Being a trained teacher, she was shocked to discover that she had little knowledge of the learning difficulties that her daughter presented (visual stress, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, auditory processing issues, attention deficit disorder), much less how to help her.  She also soon realised that she was not the only one. 

While some of Lucia's teachers did their best, they had a class of 30+ to deal with and just like Narinda had little or no training/knowledge about the issues that she was struggling with, so over the next few years, Lucia made no progress &, more disturbingly, was losing her self-esteem & confidence. 

After a great deal of research & training, Narinda knew that she was well equipped to help her daughter and decided that Home Schooling may be the only option, but research into this led
her to the idea of 'Flexi-Schooling'.  This seemed the perfect option; her daughter could continue to enjoy her school & all the great things it could offer regarding the creative/social curriculum whilst catching up on the essential literacy/numeracy she had missed.....and not as a perceived 'punishment' after school when she was exhausted from trying to fit into the learning style she found so problematic. 

After gaining agreement from KCC Education & her daughter's Head Teacher, Narinda flexi-schooled her daughter with fantastic results.  Narinda was a private tutor at the time, so was approached by some of the parents of her dyslexic pupils who asked her to do the same for their children...and the rest (as they say) is history; 'FSD - Flexi-SchoolDyslexia' was born!

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